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Working Together

Rigorously trained,
I hold a holistic view of each client

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

My way of working is psychodynamic.

This particular approach looks at our specific patterns of relating to ourselves and others which influence the way we perceive the world. Sometimes these relational patterns are no longer helpful to us and, as a consequence, we may struggle to fulfil certain aspects of our lives.

Working together, we will aim to bring about a better awareness of yourself and of your emotional responses. This insight will help you view your challenges from a different perspective and to start making more helpful choices for yourself. Your perception about yourself and about different situations may also gradually begin to shift.

Psychotherapy offers us the opportunity to know ourselves better and to become more true to our self. This transformative quality of the work could be compared to a journey which enables us to step into our lives from a different perspective from the one we started from.

Initial consultation

The initial meeting usually takes over an hour to give plenty of time to discuss what might concern you and how I might be able to help. It is natural to be a bit nervous coming to your consultation meeting. This is why it is good having a bit more time to talk. It is not necessary to make a decision about therapy during this first time together, as there might be many feelings and pressing issues to which it is important to give space. It is possible to have more than one consultation meeting if this feels right. The important thing is that you eventually come away feeling happy with the idea of therapy for you at this time.

Regular Sessions

I offer regular weekly appointments to my clients, for 50 minutes, on an open-ended basis. In order for you to make the most of our work together, it is important that sessions are attended consistently. The length of therapy will depend on your personal circumstances and we will be able to discuss this as our work progresses.

Individual therapy

Becoming our own person is an ongoing process of self-discovery. Each personality goes through a process of transformation starting in childhood and never truly ending. People are affected mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually and spiritually by the intricate web of relationships we hold with ourselves and others. Many transformations occur in our infancy, childhood, adolescence and through adulthood, which shape us as unique individuals.

In the same way, changes can be nurtured through the therapeutic relationship, especially in the areas of our lives where difficulties were experienced in the past. The therapeutic relationship can offer people the opportunity to feel stronger within themselves, achieve better clarity and make decision in their lives based on a more authentic sense of self.

Couple Counselling and Therapy

Whatever your background, sexual orientation, marital status… whether you are living with your partner or experiencing separation, couple therapy may be beneficial to both of you and also to the children that are affected by the quality of your relationship.

You might decide to come to sessions with your partner or on your own.

Couple counselling and therapy will help you better understand some of the issues that cause difficulty in your relationship.

As partners you will be encouraged to explore your feelings and become aware of the recurring patterns of conflict between you; how these create rupture and disconnection, undermining a feeling of security, mutual trust, and intimacy.

As therapist, I will provide a supportive space for you, so that you can feel safe and able to open up to one another. We will work to improve communication and mutual understanding between you. Difficulties experienced in current relationships are often linked to challenges you might have had in your childhood as well as current issues of day-to-day life. We will be able to look at these together in an atmosphere of mutual caring and support working to improve your sense of wellbeing both as individuals, as a couple and as a family.

Professional Background

I am a member of the FPC (Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling) and of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy).
As a member of these professional bodies I adhere to their stringent ethical framework and code of practice.

I originally trained at WPF Therapy, one of the leading and most respected psychotherapy training institutions in the UK.
I hold the following professional qualifications:
Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Certificate in Counselling Skills
BA Hons

Alongside seeing clients in private practice, I worked for the NHS mental health service (IAPT) as an Honorary Psychotherapist.

Working Together. QuoteLotusFlowerWithLine

“The purpose of the appearance of the Buddha into this world, lies in his behaviour as a human being."

(Nichiren Daishonin
Buddhist monk, Japan 1277)

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