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About Psychotherapy

Talking in a safe and confidential space,
we can explore your thoughts and feelings

About Psychotherapy

When we are struggling, being able to talk about what is happening with us can help enormously. The feeling of being understood can be the first thing we need to start feeling a bit better.

Sometimes we may find it difficult to talk about particular issues with the people who are close to us, and we might prefer to talk with someone who is unbiased and can offer us support.

Psychotherapy will encourage you to talk freely about your difficulties by providing a safe and confidential space for you. As a therapist I am trained to listen carefully to your communication so that, together, we can explore your thoughts and feelings.

What Conditions Can it Help?

As we work together, you will gain a better understanding of your feelings and of the way you respond to situations. Psychotherapy will give you the tools to view you problems under a new light and start resolving them for yourself.

The list below gives a few examples of conditions that are helped by psychotherapy:

• Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious
• Work issues, redundancy
• Feeling down, flat or experiencing low self-esteem
• Trouble relating to loved ones, friends or colleagues
• Feeling lonely and isolated
• Life changes and life crisis
• Loss, grief and bereavement
• Fertility issues
• Experiencing anger or rage
• Self-harming or suicidal thoughts
• Body image issues, eating distress
• Dealing with trauma and difficult family experiences
• Domestic violence and abuse
• Addiction
• Dealing with illness or being terminally ill

Considering Therapy

How can Psychotherapy help You?. QuoteDandelionWithLine

"Healing is a mystery
Much as incarnation in human life, is a mystery.

An octopus
Rap music
And thirty billion, trillion stars in galaxies…

None of these can be explained.

The earth is a living, pulsing organism in the cosmos.
Alive with beings
Repairing and renewing itself, time after time.

The invitation of healing, is to feel this great energy of repair
And life
And let it move through us."

(Jack Kornfield)

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